Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free sms رسائل مجانية
There are vast differences of price between Webphone providers. Big players like Tesco have entered this market place, yet requiring you to pay upfront for the kit and charge and calls that are cheaper than mainstream phone providers but not close to the cheap ones. Having compared 15 Webphone providers, the cheapest by far are two little sister companies VoipStunt and VoipCheap. Neither have a set-up fee, but both require you to have £10 call credit before they can be used. Those providers that don't require any initial outlay have much higher call costs. The credit only lasts 120 days from the last paid for call, after the 120 days you'll be charged their normal call rates though if you keep your account topped up you will keep the free calls. Both allow short test calls to see if you're happy with the quality before paying your £10.

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